April 18 Legislative Update

Here is a quick update on all of the MO dyslexia bills as of April 18:

HB2379 – Screening bill and Legislative Task Force (House) passed the House on a vote of 142-5 and has been Reported to the Senate and First Read.
SB827 – Legislative Task Force bill (Senate) passed the Senate on a vote of 31-0 and is headed to the House.
HB1928 – Legislative Task Force bill (House) is on the calendar to be “perfected” in the House (debated and voted on). After this, the bill will be third read and voted on.
HB 2546 – Professional Development bill (House) has been voted “Do Pass” by the House Ed Committee and now will be sent back to the House floor for readings/perfection.
SB809-  Screening Bill (Senate) has been read the second time and referred to the Senate Education Committee.

It is great to have so many bills still alive! Please remember that only 10% of bills make it as stand alone legislation. The majority are attached as amendments to bills that have made it farther along in the process. There is still a lot of time to be heard on both sides, but it is good that these bills have had good support in committee. This should make them likely candidates for amendments.

You can find out how a Bill gets passed in MO here.  Updated information on the bills will always be available by clicking on the links above.