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Decoding Dyslexia-MO is a grassroots movement driven by Missouri families and educators who recognize the need for conversations with our school districts and policy makers regarding dyslexia. We strive to raise dyslexia awareness, empower families to support their children, and improve resources for students with dyslexia in Missouri schools.

Our group is made up of families with children who have dyslexia. We are not experts, nor are we a business or educational organization. We can only offer other parents and educators the benefit of our collective experiences. We encourage parents to connect with one another, tell the story of their child, meet with school officials and their local policy-makers and ask for policies and legislation to identify and support dyslexic children in our schools.

We hope to create a collective voice in Missouri and across the country with one mission – to improve awareness and educational resources for students with dyslexia. Come join us!

Our movement is growing! We now have over 20 states with Decoding Dyslexia groups.

Learn how the Decoding Dyslexia movement got started!

How to Join and Help

There are no barriers to join. No dues to pay. No requirements to stay affiliated.  You can sign up to be a DD-MO member on the right hand side of the page (toward the bottom of the blue highlighted area).   Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about becoming a DD-MO member.

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Get on board. Help us spread the word. Let’s Talk about Dyslexia in Missouri!

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