Let’s Make 2022 a “Reading Success”! Support SB681 and HB1556

The “Reading Success” bills (SB681 and HB1556), sponsored by Senator O’Laughlin and Representative Gregory, update current state statute to include appropriate, scientific evidence-based practices that help students with dyslexia and other reading deficiencies learn to read. It would require schools to use structured literacy and the science of reading for students who are screened positive for dyslexia in public school screenings or who have a diagnosis of dyslexia.You can read the full text for these bills by clicking on the blue links above.

Please contact your legislators today and ask them to support SB681 and HB1556!  (You can find the contact information for your legislators here.)

We will be sure to keep you updated as these bills progress during the session.  Let’s make 2022 the year that all children have “Reading Success”!