Urgent Legislative Update – SB949

Senate Bill 949 (SB949) has received Senate approval and will be heard this Monday, May 14 at 2 pm by the House Rules Committee in House Hearing Room 1.  Please take a moment to review SB949 here, which establishes appropriate reading interventions for students K-3 with dyslexia and reading difficulties., and then take action by letting Committee members know we need their support!

Let’s show our Representatives that this bill really matters to You and Your kids!   Please contact the following members of the House Rules Committee to respectfully request the Committee members to support SB 949 (before Monday at 2 pm):
Rep. Joe Runions – 573-751-0238; Joe.Runions@house.mo.gov
Rep. John Carpenter – 573-751-4787; Jon.Carpenter@house.mo.gov
Rep. Sarah Unsicker – 573-751-1285; Sarah.Unsicker@house.mo.gov
Rep. Bruce Franks, Jr – 573-751-2383; Bruce.Franks@house.mo.gov

Personal examples of your child’s struggles and when he or she has succeeded with the right kind of help will make your story, letter or email more compelling, but don’t make it too long.  (See sample letter below for ideas.)

Please let your representative know how crucial appropriate reading instruction is for dyslexic children and how this legislation would positively influence all children struggling with literacy in public schools.

We cannot over-emphasize how important your calls/emails will be in the forward movement of this bill and future passage.

Please take a moment today to show your support for appropriate interventions for students with dyslexia!

Sample letter:

Dear Representative __________,

I am writing today to ask for your support of SB949 that will be heard in the House Rules Committee on Monday at 2 pm.  This bill will require schools to provide the scientifically evidenced-based reading programs that help children with dyslexia learn to read.

My child has struggled…(include a short personal story).

That is why I feel that not only my child but every child who struggles with dyslexia would benefit with the passage of SB949.  I respectfully ask for your support of this bill!