House “Reading Success” Bill (HB2470) March 17 Hearing Cancelled Due to CoVID-19 Restrictions at State Capitol

The MO State Capitol has now been put on a restriction of “essential personnel” only due to the CoVID-19 prevention concerns, and the March 17 House Education Committee public hearing for HB2470 has been cancelled.

We will update everyone on any rescheduling information or ways to submit testimony as they are communicated.

In the meantime, please support this important bill by contacting the House Education Committee members and asking for their support of structured literacy.   A bill summary can be found here.  Full details of HB2470 can be found here.

Take a moment to review the full text of this bill and read our “Talking Points”.  Then let the Committee Members know how crucial appropriate evidenced-based reading instruction is for dyslexic children.   This legislation would positively influence all children struggling with literacy in public schools.

We cannot over-emphasize how important your calls/emails will be in the forward movement of this bill and future passage!

Let’s show our Legislators that this bill really matters to families in MO!   Please contact the following members of the House Education Committee by phone or email to respectfully request them for their support.  Personal examples of your child’s struggles and when he or she has succeeded with the right kind of help will make your story, letter or email more compelling.  (See sample letter below for ideas.)

House Education Committee Members:

Rep Chuck Basye (Committee Chairman)  (573) 751-1501  email here
Rep. Dottie Bailey (Committee Vice-Chair)  (573) 751-0562   email here
Rep. Judy Morgan  (573) 751-4485  email here
Rep. Ben Baker (573) 751-9781  email here
Rep. Gretchen Bangert (573) 751-5365  email here
Rep. Paula Brown (573) 751-4163  email here
Rep. Phil Christofanelli  (573) 751-2949   email here
Rep. Shamed Dogan (573) 751-4392  email here
Rep. Karla Eslinger (573) 751-2042  email here
Rep. Michael O’Donnell  (573) 751-3762   email here
Rep. Raychel Proudie (573) 751-0855  email here
Rep. Nick Schroer  (573) 751-1470  email here
Rep. Dan Stacy  (573) 751-8636   email here
Rep. Kathryn Swan  (573) 751-1443   email here

Contact us here with any questions regarding these bills.

Please take a moment today to show your support for appropriate reading interventions for students with dyslexia!

Sample letter:

Dear  __________,

I am writing today to ask for your support of (insert bill number here__________) that has been referred to your Education Committee and was scheduled to be heard on March 17.  This bill will require schools to adopt a structured literacy intervention program that is evidenced based to help children with dyslexia and other reading difficulties.

My child has struggled…(include a short personal story).

That is why I feel that not only my child but every child who struggles with dyslexia would benefit from the passage of HB2470.  I respectfully ask for your support of this bill!